We Did It for Them. We Can Do It for You.

Banking…New Account Openings
New Agency Concepts implemented 3 major campaigns for a bank client in 2010 integrating print, in-bank materials, radio and web banner advertising to significantly increase new account openings.

Travel…More Cruise Bookings
Our web campaign for a travel group substantially increased website hits and cruise bookings.

Food…More Brand Buzz
New Agency’s work with a new frozen yogurt concept led to new licensing agreements for the company in just a few months. Even with a great concept, you need marketing expertise to generate buzz and communicate brand cache.

Demolition…More Green Business
Our work for a nationally recognized demolition company helped raise awareness of their “green” credentials which in turn led to more eco-friendly business for the firm.

Health Care…Brand Revitalized
New Agency partnered with a local healthcare company to re-energize their brand and put a new face on their modular hospital rooms, increasing both sales and inquiries from hospitals nationwide.

Banking…More Business Accounts
We go way beyond traditional campaigns. New Agency offers marketing recommendations like seasonal photo books of Nashville for a banking client to send to new business contacts moving into the market. The result? More business banking customers.

Restaurants…Wanted: Customers After Dark
A restaurant client needed a program to drive sales after 5:00 p.m. New Agency implemented a scratch card program that’s successfully driving traffic through bounceback offers.