Company Bios

Mark Knoblauch, Partner
National Accounts & New Media
“My years of experience at Disney and the valuable lessons learned in production of major events across the world have taught me how to take the clients vision and branding message and execute it in a memorable way.”

Darrin Jones, Partner
Branding & Account Planning
“Telling is not selling. First you must develop the concept, then rely on creative and media to recommend how to express the message and deliver the message.”

Pamela Jones, Partner
Creative Development & Concept
“My 30 years of advertising experience working with agencies, TV, radio, print and web sites have allowed me to hone my skills in copywriting and strategic messaging. My goal is not to impress the client but to craft the message that reaches the client’s customer — because that is ultimately what satisfies our clients.”

Hugh Daniel
Director of IT & Web Content Management Systems
“Excellent web design and user-friendly content management systems offer a sophisticated approach to integrating marketing, branding, advertising, and gaining an understanding of your customers. New Agency Concepts delivers the total package that leads to increasing revenue."